Become a GCN Volunteer!

If any of the following interest you then you would be a great fit for the multitude of volunteer opportunities available at the Global Cooling Network.

• Counteracting the effects of climate change and thereby advancing the quality of the environment

• Preserving forested land for animals and people

• Networking with others who share a strong desire to help the planet

• Contributing your time and expertise to growing organization

• Learning new skills and thus expanding your knowledge of nonprofits organizations, fundraising, grant research, land easement, event
planning and more.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Land Management
• GCN needs certified Ecologists and Geologist who can perform the land easement audits.

• The land manager will perform an audit of the land easement by using the rules and guidelines in the easement to gauge whether the land is actually being used as dictated in the easement.

The land manager will subsequently build a report documenting any discrepancies in how the land is being treated and laying out how the property owner can take steps to get their land back on track.

• Board Solicitation
• Individual Gift Solicitation (cash and property donations via website, telephone, email, etc.)
• Annual Earth Day and Green Halloween Fundraiser Events
• Federal and State Grants
• Corporation Solicitations
• Easement Donors Donating Cash
• Estate Planning Giving
• Volunteer Time: 5 Days of list & letter preparation

Federal and State Grants
• Search available grants to see which would be feasible for us to apply for. Apply for 3-4 grants/year.

• Volunteer Time: 15 Volunteers to coordinate grantwriting campaings.

Easement Donors Donating Cash
• Plan: Include in the easement donationprocess a request that donors provide funds to pay for the first 10-20 years of land inspections for the property easement they are donating.

• Strategy: Donors donating the actual property will be less likely to donate cash; however donors donating the easement (not the actual real estate) are good candidates for soliciting funds to insure the land is inspected according to the easement agreement.

• Volunteer Time: Admin: min. 1 Week each year.

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